Watershed Planning

The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority undertakes resource inventory studies of various facets of our watershed. By studying existing conditions and trends, the Authority can recommend actions that will ensure future development will not adversely impact the watershed.

Watershed Assessments

Watershed Assessments document the physical conditions of the studied watershed at the time of study. Data is collected on observed flora and fauna, observed erosion sites, water and railway crossings, water quality, etc. This information is used to document base line data which can be used to monitor a watersheds health over the long term. In general, the majority of watersheds studied have little to no water quality data. This data will also be used to update the Lakehead Watershed Report Card, which will be updated in 2018 (every 5 years).

Watershed Report Card

Conservation Authority watershed Report Cards are a management and evaluation tool that allow Conservation Authorities and their partners to better target programs and measure environmental change.

Using a standard set of criteria regarding surface water quality, forest conditions and groundwater quality, available data is assigned a grade. The standards were developed by Conservation Authorities to ensure consistent reporting across the Province of Ontario and are intended to provide watershed residents with information to protect, enhance and improve the precious resources that surround us. Updates to standards are being developed to better represent Northern Ontario's environment.

Measuring helps to better understand our watershed. It helps to focus our efforts where they are needed most and track progress. It also helps to identify healthy and ecologically important areas that require protection or enhancement.

In 2013, the LRCA launched their first Lakehead Region Watershed Report Card. The Report Card provides a summary on the state of the watershed forests, surface water and ground water resources. It is anticipated that the Report Card will be updated every 5 years.

For more information

LRCA Brochures and Publications

Life by the Water

Brochure in conjunction with the City of Thunder Bay highlighting water, riparian zones, shoreline homes, waste, buffer strips, flood damage, erosion and regulations.

Water's Edge

Brochure, general information regarding the watershed, shoreline homes, obtaining approvals, human impacts and things that the average citizen can do to benefit the environment.

A Stewardship Guide to the Lake Superior Shoreline

Self-assessment guide assessing homeowners environmental performance as a property owner (based on the Lake Huron guide). Allows residents to evaluate their property and assess their impact on the shoreline. Focuses on the Lake Superior shoreline however is applicable to all shorelines, including streams and rivers (February 2009).

Protecting the Lakehead Watershed

It's everyone's responsibility to be a good steward and this brochure describes some of the challenges affecting the health of the watershed and more importantly, how you can be part of the efforts to improve, maintain, restore and protect the health of the Lakehead watershed and the Great Lakes (2012).