Space Rental

The Board Room and Multi-Purpose Rooms at the LRCA Administrative Office are available to rent.

Mapping Services

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Explore T-Shirts

The LRCA is proud to offer our Explore T-Shirts. These t-shirts are designed in-house by LRCA Staff and are sold on a cost-recovery basis (i.e. we only charge what it costs for us to make them!).

All adult t-shirts are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large and Double-Extra-Large. The youth-sized Beaver shirt is available in sizes Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. All Explore T-Shirts feature the LRCA "EXPLORE" Logo in white on the back of the shirt.

Design Design Colour Shirt Colour Style Cost
Dragonfly Blue & White Black Adult $12.00


WhiteBlackAdult $12.00
Owl White Black Adult $12.00
Owl Black & White Brown Adult $12.00
Wolves Black & White Charcoal Grey Adult $12.00
Turtle Green Brown Adult $12.00
Grasshopper Green Brown Adult $12.00
Black Bear Black & White Green Adult $12.00
Beaver White Brown Youth $10.00
Dragonfly Shirt Heron Shirt Owl Shirt Wolf Shirt Turtle Shirt Grasshopper Shirt Bear Shirt Beaver Shirt