Tree Seedling Program

Private Landowners Tree Seedling Assistance Program Up to 50% off Tree Seedling Prices

Are you a private landowner residing within the Lakehead Watershed interested in planting trees on your property? The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority (LRCA) offers conifer tree seedling stock at a subsidized price in support of private land stewardship efforts. The program officially launches each year in April; tree seedling pick-up day is subsequently scheduled during the month of May, during Arbour Week.

The Private Landowners Tree Seedling Assistance Program is a partnership between the LRCA and Hill's Greenhouses. Hydro One has also been a generous sponsor of this program.

Please be advised that the 2020 Private Landowner's Tree Seedling Assistance Program has been cancelled

Why Plant a Tree?

Planting trees not only improves the aesthetics of your property, it adds to your property's value. Trees provide shade and protect buildings, reduce your heating and cooling costs, reduce snow drifting and snow removal costs and provide recreational opportunities as well as a source of income through timber harvesting. Plus, by planting trees you will have the good feeling of knowing you have improved the environment. Reforestation helps to reduce erosion, flooding and contamination of local watercourses by stabilizing the soil, slowing down surface water runoff through infiltration and by filtering out contaminants. As well, reforestation improves air quality and provides beneficial wildlife habitat on your property.

Through the Private Landowners Tree Seedling Assistance Program, the LRCA will cost-share the price of the seedling with the landowner.