Lake Superior

Gitchigammi - Lake of the Great Waters

Lake Superior is the greatest of lakes. It is an international treasure shared between two countries; including vast secluded shorelines and municipalities in the province of Ontario, and the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is the deepest of the Great Lakes with a maximum depth of 406 metres (1332 feet) , it has a surface area of 82,100 square kilometres (31,700 sq mi). The water retention time of a drop of water entering the lake is 191 years, so a drop of water which entered the lake a half century before Canada was a nation, just flowed from the lake recently! Nearly ten percent of the world's fresh water is contained in Lake Superior making it a resource which we need to conserve and use wisely. It is the largest fresh water lake in the world, and could hold all the water in the other four Great Lakes plus three more Lake Eries!

Lake Superior Resources

Binational Committee - is a collaboration between the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Environment Canada to provide a single window on joint work undertaken by the Governments of the United States and Canada in support of achieving the purpose of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.

Binational Forum on Lake Superior - Started in 1991, the Lake Superior Binational Forum is composed of stakeholders representing industrial, Tribal/First Nations, business, environmental, recreational, tourism, health, labor, and academic interests.

Lake Superior Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

Report Card on the Lake Superior - Lakewide Management Plan

Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area - The largest fresh water marine conservation area in the world. The zone overlies 10,000 square kilometres of lake bed. Visit Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area's Facebook page.