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Wishart Conservation Area will be closed to the public from January 1, 2023 to January 31, 2023 in order to conduct selective maintenance harvesting as outlined in the Wishart Managed Forest Plan.  The harvesting will be overseen by a Registered Professional Forester.

Overmature poplar trees are required to be removed as they pose a danger of falling across the trail system and if left unharvested will continue to degrade significantly increasing the risk as a fire hazard.  Habitat trees for birds will remain if they do not pose a danger to the trail.  All harvested areas will be replanted in the spring/summer of 2023.  Harvesting will allow for the creation of possible future trail developments.  Stand improvements after harvesting will promote regrowth of a young forest with typical Boreal conditions.

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The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority (LRCA) is a community-based environmental agency that provides value-added services to our watershed residents. We are responsible for the wise management of renewable natural resources in our watershed. Conservation Authorities undertake a broad range of programs, including: watershed management, erosion control, flood forecasting & warning, recreation, water level monitoring, plan input & review, environmental education and stewardship. We improve quality of life by actively providing Conservation Areas for semi-passive recreation and environmental education opportunities.


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