Education Programs

Bring your lessons to life with a field trip to a Living Classroom! The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority is pleased to offer Environmental Education through a variety of programs. Our programs are designed to engage students in the natural environment, place emphasis on conservation and are linked to the Ontario School Curriculum.

Visit a Living Classroom

$5.00 per participant for a 2-hour program

Although effort is made to make additional staff available to assist with programming, our Education Coordinator is our designated staff person for programming. Your class will have the best learning opportunities with our Coordinator if the maximum number of students does not exceed 35 participants (or one class, whichever is greater). However, we also understand that bus sharing is, at times, the most efficient way for out-of-classroom learning to occur. If a school is interested in registering more than one class per programming session, please note that a teacher's, or parent volunteer's, help will be required to run a self-guided activity while our Coordinator instructs one group, then the groups will switch activities.

Help us make your Living Classroom experience the best it can be!

In-Class/At School Programs

$165.00 flat rate for a 1.5-hour program

Many of our programs can be adapted to be presented right in your classroom or school yard! Speak with our Education Coordinator to book your in-class/at school program. Please note that in-class programs are intended for individual classes, however we can arrange for multiple bookings within a single school day. Individual class bookings ensure optimal learning, student participation and knowledge transfer. Custom programs are available based on staff time and availability.

Virtual Programs

$50.00** flat rate fee for a pre-recorded 30-minute program; $70.00 flat rate fee for a 60-minute live program; $50.00 plus cost of materials for 30-minute programs where materials are required

Due to the ever-changing landscape surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and all associated restrictions and safety precautions, the LRCA will now be offering various pre-recorded or virtual field trips. These virtual programs will enable your students to enjoy a Conservation Area and learn about nature, whether they are learning from home or the classroom.  

Please call our Education Coordinator to discuss an option that works for you.


In order to develop the best possible education program possible for your class, educators will choose up to two Focus Topics as well as up to two Focus Themes. The Education Coordinator will then develop a program that best lines up with the chosen Topics and Themes to maximize learning efficiency and participant experience. 

Book a Program

It's easy! Simply call the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority at (807) 344-5857 extension 233 to speak with the Education Coordinator, send us an email or use the online form below.



Education programs do not run during the months of July, August and December.  





Conservation Area Programs $5.00 per student

-up to 35 students
-2-hour program
-$100.00 minimum fee

In-Class/At School Programs $165.00 flat rate fee

-one class
-1.5-hour program

Virtual Pre-Recorded Programs $50.00** flat rate fee -30-minute pre-recorded program
Virtual Live Programs $70.00 flat rate fee -60-minute live program
Virtual Programs with Materials $50.00 flat rate fee plus cost of materials, if applicable -30-minute live or pre-recorded program, with program materials delivered to classroom prior to program


*The LRCA will send an invoice to the booking educational institution upon completion of the program to ensure the most accurate pricing. Pre-payment may be required in some instances. 
**If more than FIVE classes are booked for the same Virtual Pre-Recorded Program, the rate drops to $30.00 per class, up to 25 classes; bookings must occur at the same time to qualify for discount. 


By submitting a program booking you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the information outlined above. 

Thank you.

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