Superior Stewards

What’s the difference between being a land owner and being a land steward?  Understanding and caring for your land.  Naturalizing shorelines, managing stormwater runoff, monitoring for invasive species, and enhancing habitats for native flora and species at risk are all activities that can make you a Superior Steward in your own backyard.

Quick tips to get you started:

Shoreline Protection Program

The Superior Stewards Shoreline Protection Program is here! If you're interested in revegetating the shoreline or streambank in your backyard, you could be eligible to receive up to 100 native plants along with a personalized planting plan and support from knowledgeable LRCA staff. Click here for more information



“It’s up to everyone who values lakes to keep them healthy and productive. Many lakeshore owners wonder what difference alterations to their one lake lot could possibly make. But when the actions of dozens or hundreds of individual property owners are added up, the sum effect can alter the water quality on that lake. The cumulative harm from shoreline alterations by many lakeshore property owners affects swimming, fishing, wildlife watching, and the overall health of the lake. Its like walking in a garden. If a neighbor kid came though once, that would be no big deal. But if the whole neighborhood came through, your garden would be trampled.”

– 2009, State of Minnesota, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fisheries.


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