LRCA Stewardship

At our office and in our community, we here at the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority (LRCA) are Superior Stewards!  Stop by our office anytime to check out our pollinator garden or native shrub and seed collection projects.  Best stewardship practices are also employed in all of our Conservation Areas: leaving an unmown strip next to the water’s edge, leaving deadfall as wildlife habitat whenever possible, and pulling invasive species found on LRCA property are just some examples.

Pollinator Garden

Thinking of creating your own backyard pollinator garden?  Come check out LRCA’s!  The intent of LRCA’s pollinator garden, located at the LRCA Administrative Office, is to provide pollinating insects with nectar, pollen, and shelter.  The plants in the garden attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and a wide variety of bee species.  Specifically, plants like Swamp Milkweed host the larvae of Monarch butterflies, while neighbouring Blazing Star plants provide nectar for the busy Monarch parents and emerging young.  Other plants included in LRCA’s pollinator garden include: White Sage, Black-eyed Susan, Wild Strawberry, Wild Bergamot, Cup Plant, and Shrubby Cinquefoil.

Community Garden

The LRCA Community Garden partners primarily with the RFDA to provide the community with fresh local vegetables and a safe, accessible location for gardening.  The Garden consists of five ground-level garden plots approximately 5’ x 36’ each, as well as three raised, wheelchair accessible plots measuring approximately 3.5’ x 16’.  Potatoes, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and others are grown annually by the RFDA and their volunteers to directly support RFDA’s food distribution efforts.


The LRCA Greenhouse is currently being used by LRCA Staff to propagate native shrubs and perennials.  A focus on shoreline-stabilizing shrubs and pollinator-friendly perennials has been achieved to support our education and stewardship programs.  Annually, the Master Gardeners partner with LRCA to use the greenhouse and office grounds for their plant sale and workshops.  The RFDA additionally makes use of the space.