Erosion Control

The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority addresses streambank soil erosion concerns by providing general advice and recommendations to Member Municipalities in an effort to protect Municipal capital investments.

Controlling river bank erosion helps to protect property, reduce the risk of flooding (by maintaining flow capacity) and conserve habitat. Erosion control and bank stabilization projects have been completed on sections of the Neebing-McIntyre Floodway, Neebing River and Kaministiquia River, as well as Cedar Creek, Corbett Creek, Oliver Creek and the Slate River in our rural member municipalities.

Examples of Shoreline Erosion Remediated by the LRCA

  • Major undertaking along the Kaministiquia River at both King Road and Victor Street at Broadway Avenue; re-sloping and stabilization of bank, as well as protection of shoreline at base of slope to prevent future erosion
  • Kaministiquia River Soil Nailing project to stabilize bank along Victor Street near Broadway Avenue
  • Riverside Drive erosion protection
  • Remedial works to stabilize erosion sites on the Neebing River, McIntyre River and other local watercourses
  • Inventories of local watercourses to identify problem areas that may require future erosion control works
  • Developing, designing and implementing streambank erosion control and slope stabilization measures suited to specific sites
  • Controlling sediment on urban construction sites