Complimentary Programs

The LRCA is pleased to offer complimentary programming throughout the school year. Watch for information coming to your school! These programs are grade specific to allow for complimentary programming to be spread across the board. Each complimentary program is offered during a specific time of year and on a first-come, first-served basis while space is available (wait lists are then created for classes that couldn't be accommodated).

If you and your class are interested in any of the complimentary programs during another time of the school year, this can be arranged at our regular programming fee.

Contact us for registration information. 

Recommended Grade Program Description


Spring Water Awareness Program (SWAP)

This program is offered every February to inform school-aged children of the dangers of spring ice melt and the safety precautions they can take. General messages include: stay away from riverbanks, learn to read the ice, and stay away from flowing water. Primary students are taught to always find an adult for help, Junior students learn to play with a buddy and Senior students are taught to 'self-rescue' and 'helping from shore'.

Gr. 3-4

Lakehead Children's Water Festival

The LRCA has been offering the Lakehead Children's Water Festival for over 10 years! In June, a number of volunteers assist the LRCA with this great program designed to engage students in Water Conservation, Water Science & Technology and Water Attitude through different activity centres.

Gr. 4

Arbour Week

Each May, Arbour Week is celebrated across the province. Part of the LRCA mandate is to 'ensure the conservation, restoration, and responsible management of Ontario's water, land and natural habitats'. As a result, the LRCA promotes Arbour Week as a reminder of responsible conservation. During this program, students are introduced to tree species, the importance of trees and why we need to plant trees for the benefit of people and wildlife. Each registered class is given a tree to plant in their school yard!

Gr. 7 - 8

Watershed Connections

Offered every April, this program focuses on the Lakehead Watershed. What is a Watershed? Why are Watersheds important? and how can you help keep a Watershed healthy? An interactive presentation and an activity help emphasize the importance of the Lakehead Watershed.
  Note: Complimentary programs are subject to change, based on staff availability and funding.