Request to Use Property


*If "Other" selected, please identify requested property in the "Event Description" section. 



If yes, a $200 +HST fee is required. Date will not be held until fee is received. Fees are non-refundable. 

If yes, a Permit is required from the LRCA Board of Directors, which will add to the processing time of this request.

*Available at Hurkett Cove, Silver Harbour, Mission Island Marsh, Little Trout Bay, Hazelwood Lake and Cascades Conservation Areas only.

If yes, the LRCA's Education Coordinator will contact you to discuss programs, rates and Staff availability.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $5.00 per vehicle Parking Fee that visitors are encouraged to pay upon entering a Conservation Area. If it is convenient, event organizers may collect this fee ahead of time and remit a single cheque to the LRCA in lieu of people putting the $5.00 directly into the coin boxes. This fee is waived when a bus fee is being remitted, provided the bus fee remitted covers off the visitors to the Conservation Area.

PLEASE NOTE: You may be required to obtain a Locate (at your expense) in order to erect certain types of tents.


You may be required to provide proof of liability insurance, depending on the type of event proposed. Single-Day coverage can be purchased through the LRCA’s insurance policy. You will be notified if this is required for your request.



  • All Provincial and/or Thunder Bay District Health Unit orders and restrictions surrounding COVID-19 must be followed.

  • The property must be left in the same condition that it was found.

  • The LRCA is not responsible for any theft of or damages to articles stored on the property during your event.

  • There is no overnight camping or fires allowed on any LRCA-owned properties.

  • All signage, barricades, notices, etc., if required, are your sole responsibility.

  •  Note that Conservation Areas will not be closed to the public under any circumstances or for any reason, and that your event may not impede on the public’s use of the Area.

  • You are responsible for acquiring any other permits or permissions in relation to your event. 

  • All regulations as outlined in the Generic Conservation Area Regulations must be adhered to. They can be found here.

  • You will provide the LRCA with a precise timeline of events set to occur on the property, including set up and take down times.

  • Conservation Areas operate from dawn until dusk.

  • If applicable, you will notify the general public within the area of the intended event if it is likely to disrupt traffic and/or parking in the area, or if the event is likely to cause higher than usual levels of noise.

  • You may need to provide security for traffic control purposes, at your own expense.

  • Permission to use LRCA-owned property applies only to said property; guests must not wander onto private property that may be adjacent to the LRCA-owned property.

  • All pets present will remain on-leash at all times and will be picked up after.

  • Any activities undertaken on LRCA-owned property are done so at your own risk.

  • A fee for use of LRCA-owned property may be charged, depending on the type of event(s) and intended activities. (Payment in full required prior to event.)

  • Permission to use LRCA-owned property may be subject to LRCA Board approval and may require a permit from the Board, depending on the type of event(s) and intended activities.

  • Every effort will be made to ensure that the property is clean and garbage cans have been emptied prior to the intended event, due to limited staff. Staff will conduct an inspection of the property pre- and post-event.

  • A refundable security deposit may be required depending on the proposed event and/or location requested. 

The foregoing statements are correct to the best of your knowledge and you understand that a misrepresentation on this form or any accompanying documents may disqualify this request. Note that certain requests may require up to 3 months processing time. If the request exceeds Management level approval authority, then the request may be brought before the LRCA Board of Directors at the request of the proponent.  

Thank you for your interest in the LRCA's Conservation Areas! Your request has been submitted and an LRCA staff member will be in touch shortly. Please note that additional conditions may apply if a permit is issued.