Property Inquiry Form

This form is for initial inquiries only. It is not an application form for a permit. Fees may apply to certain inquiries; however, you will be contacted prior to incurring any fees.

NOTE: Submitting a Property Inquiry Form will ensure your inquiry is received and responded to in a timely manner. E-mails to individual staff are not recommended at this time.

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Are you the property owner, agent, lawyer, or potential owner?

Project Information

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Planning Applications

Brief Description of Proposal or Question

Please provide a description of your proposal (e.g., what you would like to do, dimensions, etc.) or what information you would like to obtain from the LRCA. Note: generally, a site plan is required to initiate review of proposed construction. If you have a site plan available (hand drawn is sufficient at this stage), please include it with the email.


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Staff will contact you upon review of your Property Inquiry Form submission.