Community Garden

The Lakehead Conservation Community Garden endeavours to provide the community with a safe, accessible location for gardening and growing environmentally sustainable food, as well as an opportunity to learn, develop new friendships and share knowledge.

The Garden consists of five ground-level garden plots approximately 5' x 36' each, as well as three raised, wheelchair accessible plots measuring approximately 3.5' x 16'. The Conservation Community Garden is being utilized by community groups and charitable organizations such as the RFDA, Community Living Thunder Bay and the Lakehead Conservation Foundation.

Pollinator Gardens

The term "pollinator" refers to species that spread pollen. Common pollinator species may include bees, butterflies, moths, beetles and hummingbirds. Pollinator gardens attract pollinators and contribute to healthy ecosystems. Pollinator gardens are made up predominately of flowers, which provide nectar or pollen for pollinators.


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