New Pay and Display Units Installed at Mission Island Marsh, Cascades Conservation Areas

In an effort to ensure adequate funding for Conservation Areas, the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority (LRCA) has installed automated pay and display units at Mission Island Marsh and Cascades Conservation Areas to replace the coin boxes at those areas. Parking at both Mission Island Marsh and Cascades Conservation Areas will be enforced under the City of Thunder Bay Parking By-Law. To avoid receiving a ticket, visitors must display either the printed receipt from the pay and display unit, or a valid Explore Card Parking Pass. Paying online for parking at Mission Island Marsh or Cascades Conservation Areas will no longer be accepted, as there is no mechanism for enforcement staff to determine if a vehicle has paid online or not.   

Please note that the pay and display units accept credit cards and coins only, with debit tap support forthcoming; the units are not able to accept paper bills, nor are they able to produce change.

Additionally, coin boxes will be installed at Mills Block and Wishart Forests, and a second coin box will be installed at Little Trout Bay Conservation Area. Staff have also installed new signage at all properties indicating the $5.00 per vehicle parking fee as visitors enter LRCA properties, and a social media campaign is forthcoming.

Visitors to Conservation Areas are reminded that the LRCA is a non-profit organization, and that the revenue generated from day-use parking fees and Explore Card Parking Pass sales goes directly toward the maintenance and upkeep of recreational lands owned by the LRCA.

Staff urge regular Conservation Area visitors to purchase an Explore Card Parking Pass, as this is the easiest and most convenient method for visitors to ensure their parking fee is covered. At a cost of $40.00 +HST, this annual pass allows visitors to forgo the $5.00 per vehicle parking fee at all LRCA-owned properties for one calendar year. People who purchase an Explore Card now will receive the 2022 pass.